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President:  Bill Larson
Vice President:
Secretary:  Rebecca Kilmon
Assistant Secretary: TBA
Treasurer:  Michael Collins

Assistant Treasurer:  TBA
Chaplain:  Fr. Glenn Evers

Executive Committee Members
Term Expiring November 2023
Nick Caggiano

Michael Collins
Susan Dixon
Tom Horan  
Tim Houseal 
Shaun Kelly
Kathleen Murphy (Morris James) 
Ryan Newell
Peter Sweeney
Thomas P. Sweeney                     
Francis J. Trzuskowski            



Executive Committee Members
Term Expiring November 2021
Susan D. Ament                            
Matthew F. Boyer                         

Joe Cicero
Mary Culley
Tony Flynn                              
Geoffrey Gamble        

Sean Haney
Brett Hession                                
Chris Kenny
William (Bill) Larson
David O'Connor                        
Christopher Viceconte       



Executive Committee Members
Term Expiring November 2022
Ed Dudley  
Shannon Frazier  
Michael Kelly                                 
Bill Kirk
Richard Kirk                                   
Frank Mieczkowski  
Denise Nordheimer 
Mark Reardon
Zachary Sager                              
Kathleen Duffy Smith  
Sara Toner                                    
Harvey Bernard Rubenstein (Honorary)
Thomas Sweeney (Honorary)
Diane M. Willette  (Honorary)


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