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The Objectives of the Society are:
1. To promote the study of the application of Christian principles to modern problems, especially insofar as they are connected with civil or ecclesiastical law.
2. To encourage the members of the Society to apply the principles and ideals exemplified by St. Thomas More in their professional and personal conduct.
3. To promote and foster high ethical principles in the legal profession and in the general community.
4. To increase the spiritual and legal knowledge of the members of the Society.
5. To sponsor annually a Mass at which Divine guidance is asked for those charged with the responsibility of formulating and administering the law, traditionally known as the Red Mass.
6. To honor when appropriate an individual or individuals who embody the example and principles demonstrated by St. Thomas More and who meet, in particular, the criteria for the Monsignor Paul J. Taggart St. Thomas More Award.
7. To encourage joint projects and social exchanges with regional St. Thomas More Societies.

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